Teresa teaches public and private classes, in homes, churches and other venues. Her main emphasis is how to use the Bible and His Creation ( aka science) to discern what is true about healthy living, and how to do that in our toxic environments and with our toxic food supply!. Many classes have been taught that lead to this, from A Biblical Approach to Healthy Living to Free, Organic Food. She has much wisdom to share from her over 40 years of passionate interest in healthy eating and His Word! Scroll down this page to see what she has taught , and will be teaching , both public and private! Perhaps you would like her to teach at your home group, church or other venue!? Let her know!

Next class covers the raw truth about your gut, some of which is not being said in the fad information about the gut!

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Detoxing You Home 9/20/18

Great class, covered a lot, with great guest speakers Bruce and Valerie Cadle sharing how essential oils can aid in detoxing home and DIY products!

A Biblical Approach to Healthy Living 9/6/18

This event was a great fund raising success for a needed Wellness Center in Jamaica and brought me another teaching event in another city!! This is really exciting to me, since it is my desire to share this good news with many!! I encourage you to click on the button below to go to the event page that lists the sponsors of this event! They provided us amazing door prizes, delicious foods and some nice donations!! Click the button below to remember who they were and thank them with your business!

We will be adding past classes to this page, so keep checking back, to have an idea of what Teresa could teach to you and your loved ones! Looking forward, her next two teaching engagements are private, she will be teaching The Lost Art of Healthy Living at a Sukkot celebration in Orlando the  last week of September and Un enfoque bíblico para una vida  saludable in Cuba the third week of October. When she returns from Cuba she will be teaching the public class at Natural Approach Wellness Center listed above.