“Would You Like to Have More Energy to Serve Him and Others?”

With all the conflicting natural health information available today, how can one possibly know what to believe? This book will show you how to use His Word and His Creation to discern what you need to get the best health and most energy to better serve Him.

We all have our days when we are tired of being tired. Have you spent a lot of money on a variety of natural health products and find yourself still not able to do the things you would like to because you are just too tired? Or are you unable to afford that product that is supposed to give you all that energy? Or do you need stimulants (caffeine drinks, sugar) to get you going and keep you going?

Teresa McKessey

I was fascinated when I first saw food nutrient charts with all the vitamins and minerals in foods during a class in junior high school! Since then I have tried, studied, researched and observed a variety of ways to eat healthy! While I have this passion for healthy eating, my stronger passion is my relationship with Him, studying His Word, walking in His Will and bringing others into understanding of His Wonderful Plan for their lives! I consider His Word to be the final authority for all of life, so naturally I have used it to wade through many secular and new age resources on the subject of natural health. The years that I have taught high school Biology from a Biblical Perspective have only added evidence for the truths that I apply and am sharing in this book.

I’m pleased to offer you this informative book:

“A Biblical Approach to Healthy Eating”

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This is book gives you a summary of my over 30 years of study and application of natural health with the Bible as the discerning filter. You do not have to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on books, courses and products to be able to eat and live a healthy lifestyle!

In this book, you will learn:

  • What His Word says about food
  • Why the Bible is NOT CONTRADICTED, even though some natural health information today seems to indicate that
  • What His whole foods are
  • How to discern from His Word and Creation what is really healthy despite all the conflicting information available
  • Why you do not need to buy expensive supplements and super foods to be healthy
  • The truth about protein and calcium
  • What you need to know about isolated foods
  • How to start eating healthier food
  • And More!

5 Reasons Why This Book is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

If you’re wondering what make this book on healthy eating different than other books you’ve seen on the subject, consider this:

  • Difference #1 It looks at the foods that God gave us to eat vs man’s concoctions.
  • Difference #2 It looks at His Creation
  • Difference #3 Does not encourage expensive supplements or super foods.
  • Difference #4 Shows you how you cannot afford not to eat His whole foods
  • Difference #5 It shows how to weed through the natural health information with the Bible as the filter.

What others are saying:

Teresa has been very encouraging and inspiring to me over the years. Whenever I leave her house I am inspired to eat healthier. She makes eating healthy simple to learn. My children came off of their meds because I listened to her and took my kids off of processed foods. She helped me to understand that live foods have the most nutrition.

Teresa Sprague

Palm Bay, Fl

My family is blessed with the changes from the coaching and encouragement Teresa has provided. Being able to enjoy healthy breads without the weight gain of the unhealthy carbs has been a treat. Learning how tasty salads can be if prepared right has made our meals tastier and more fulfilling without the heavy feelings we used to have after eating. Most important is the encouragement to make good choices without feeling like we were being judged by a “food Nazi” as we are adjusting.

James King,

Orlando, Fl

“Growing up, no matter the circumstances, my mother made an effort to maintain a healthy diet for her children. She has accumulated so much nutritional knowledge over the years and is excellent at relaying it to others. Helping others make healthier decisions is something she is very passionate about. I would encourage anyone to share her passion for nutritional eating and reap in the benefits.”

Maria McKessey

Palm Bay, Fl

This book is not or does NOT: This book IS:
An exhaustive book on natural health A primer on natural health based on His Word and His Creation
Detail specific nutrients in foods that science has identified so far A look at the health value of the whole foods that He provided us
Describe His medicinal plants (herbs) and medicinal (essential / healing ) oils A look at the health value of the whole foods that He provided us, that when eaten exclusively have provided healing of many diseases
A weight loss book A way of eating that does result in very few overweight people
A theological book A collection of verses from His Word about foods, with coinciding, scientific information on those foods
An evangelical book A book that assumes the reader loves Our Loving Heavenly Father and His Word

How Much Is This Worth to YOU?

Many, especially my class attendees and friends have asked me for a book over the years.  I have finally produced that for you here! I have spent countless hours over the past 30 years studying, implementing, experimenting, taking classes, teaching many more classes, writing and reading many articles, all through the filter of God’s Word. It is hard for me to put a value to that time spent, although I know it would be in the thousands of dollars.

It has been my passion to share this good news of health with others since I first discovered it, and I have. Since I want this information to get to as many people as possible, I am selling it for the low price of just $ 14.97 for the month of September !!

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Order A Biblical Approach to Healthy Eating and take as long as 30 days to try out this ebook. You have to be fully satisfied with the value you get!

If you are not satisfied with this purchase, simply contact me at Teresa@HisWholeFoods.com and I’d be more than happy to refund you 100% of what you’ve paid.

No questions are needed or asked.So give it a fair try!

7 Great Reasons Why Millions

of People Read EBooks

Why an order Ebook? Here are seven benefits!

  1. Save Money on ShippingNo outrageous shipping charges and the best prices!
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  7. Easy PurchasePay with your credit card, or paypal account

Why Wait to Get Started?

If you’re ready to have more energy and better health using His Word and Creation as your guide you can have this ebook immediately by ordering now!

May you be blessed in your journey to honor and glorify Him!

In His Love,

Teresa McKessey

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