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Estranged People- El Shaddai Charity Organization

Teresa has been a long time supporter of widows and orphans of the Jewish people in Ethiopia through the ministry Estranged People-El Shaddai Charity Organization represented on web site . A percentage of profits from her services go to fund this organization that also:

  • combats poor water supplies and resulting illnesses by digging wells,
  • combats hunger to elderly, disabled and  widows by monthly food distribution,
  • combats cycle of poverty by providing computer training to poor youth to enable their employment,
  • aides in small business start ups
  • Is in process of providing agricultural education center
  • and most importantly brings these Jewish people into understanding and acceptance of their Messiah!   

    You can also see current updates on the ministry on the Facebook page here  :                                                                                                                                              …..                                                                                                                                                           y en español aquí :