Since I was is Jr. High I have had an interest in nutrition, when I first saw food nutrient charts                                                                              with all the vitamins and minerals in foods and that we needed them to function properly!

The kind of charts I saw in Jr High school

                                                  Through high school and college I applied my limited knowledge to how I ate,                                                                                                  but as a young mother several years later, my life took quite a turn concerning that.

Me and my then 3 children around the time I am describing that I got a wake up that "healthy" eating was not good enough.

 I thought I was eating a “healthy diet” with no caffeine and sugar, and lots of whole grains and legumes, but I was tired all of the time and unable to be the mother I knew He intended me to be. I was blessed with a starting place by a wonderful woman in a health food store. The information she shared with me changed my outlook on food! Within days of implementing her information I felt an increase in energy , and to my pleasant surprise the extra weight from my prior pregnancy melted away!

 I have studied, implemented and researched much about food and natural health since then. While I have this passion for healthy eating, my stronger passion is my relationship with Him, studying His Word , walking in His Will and bringing others into understanding of His Wonderful Plan for their lives! I consider His Word to be the final authority for all of life, so naturally I have used it to wade through many secular and new age resources on the subject of natural health.

                               The years that I have taught high school Biology have only added evidence for the                                                                                                 truths that I apply and am sharing in my emails, on my blog posts, and when I teach !                                     

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